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Make Way For The Manway Cannon!

Posted by Rotating Solutions on Jan 2, 2019 9:41:07 AM

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The Specs:

    • Horizontal angle is a 320 degree rotation
    • Vertical angle is a 155 degree elevation
    • Interchangeable tips from 7/8” to 1-1/4”
    • Hydraulic controlled Umbilical reel 
    • LED Explosion proof light
    • Illuminator is 12 degree beam angle up to 300 ft range
    • Effective jet range 115 ft
    • Camera Zoom is 37x
    • 660 GPM @ 200 PSI

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The Significance:

  • Horizontal angle is a 320 degree rotation. Can reach more of the tanks surface without constantly moving the cannon which takes a crane or a forklift.
  • Vertical angle is a 155 degree elevation. Able to clean the underside of a floating roof which will reduce the time spent pressure washing. This reduces man power and reduces tank entry which reduces safety risk.
  • Interchangeable tips from 7/8” to 1-1/4”. Gives the user multiple choices of nozzle use. Smaller nozzles reduces diluent use which reduces disposal cost. Larger nozzle with more volume will assist in breaking up hard built up sludges.
  • Accurate movement. – No time delay between the joy stick movement and the movement of the cannon. Better ease for an inexperienced operator.
  • Hydraulic controlled Umbilical reel for ease of removal. Ergonomically advantages and reduces the manpower for rig up and tear down. Reduces time to set up.  
  • LED Explosion proof light which is inferred. Using LED vs Halogen reduces the heat of the light and prevents the light cover from building a film on the glass from the heat which can reduce the illumination.
  • Illuminator is 12 degree beam angle up to 300 ft range. Long range view so the operator can visually inspect all of the tank using the camera and light. Don’t have to remove the cannon to inspect or get in tank to inspect cleanliness.
  • Effective jet range 115 ft. Can clean more of the tank without having to relocate the cannon to another manway which can be limited.
  • Camera Zoom is 37x. Can assist in adequately inspecting the tank for cleanliness without having to enter the tank. Can also be used by the tank owner to visually inspect tank floor conditions and shell conditions.
  • Cleaning Medium can be Diesel, Crude Oil, and water. Versatile on the use of cleaning medium. Able to meet the customers requirement for medium use.

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