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How Can RSI Rental Solutions Enhance Your Company?

How Can RSI Rental Solutions Enhance Your Company?

Rotating Solutions Inc. offers custom-manufactured industrial innovation in our rental fleet. A valuable division within RSI, RSI Rental Solutions, brings resolution throughout the petrochemical market.

RSI Rental Solutions collaborates with your team to find solutions which accelerate your productivity, ease your work flow and secure your safety. 

How can RSI Rental Solutions meet the needs of your company

1. The Hydroblaster 

RSI Rental Solutions is expanding the downstream service equipment offering with the Hydroblaster. 

Our line of hydroblasters offer a selection of water pressures to best suit your tank cleaning needs.

What are the Hydroblaster System Features? 

  • System Output Pressure: 10k or 20k psi
  • Trailer mounted

The Hydroblaster 

2. The Chemical Re-Circulation Trailer

RSI Rental Solutions now offering a new line in Chemical Re-circulation systems. 

Ergonomically designed to be housed in a trailer for ease of operation.

Chemical Re-Circulation Trailer

What are the Chemical Re-Circulation Trailer System Features? 

  • 25’ Top Hat Gooseneck Trailer with Diamond Plate Decking
  • Big Foot Electric Trailer Jacks
  • MCM Odrill 4x3 Dutile Iron Centrifugal Pump
  • Deutz Air Cooled TCD 914 L6 Diesel Engine withPTO and ESD
  • 50 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 500 Gallon Tank with Stainless Level Meter
  • 20” Manway with Spill Containment
  • 4” Suction Hookup 
  • 3” Discharge
  • 3” Sparger Line
  • Reverse Flow Manifold 
  • In-Line Pressure and Temperature Gauges
  • Aluminum Equipment Utility Basket 

3. The Manway Cannon

Would you like to save time when cleaning a tank, reduce manpower, and most importantly reduce the need for tank entry?

Would you like to inspect your tank without even having to enter it? Who wouldn’t?!

It’s time to change the way you’ve approached tank cleaning in the past.

Make way for the Manway Cannon!


What are the Manway Cannon’s General Specifics? 

  • 320 degree horizontal rotation and 155 degree vertical angle elevation
  • Camera and Illuminator range up to 300 ft. With up to 37x zoom, this long-range view enables visual inspection without removing the cannon or requiring tank entrance
  • Both the camera and illuminator come in explosion proof housing
  • Water Way Diameter: 2 ½ inch with both a 1” and 1 ¼” nozzle included
  • Power Requirements: 480V 3P 60HZ 60A Breaker
  • 300ft of umbilical come spooled on a hydraulically controlled reel

What are the Manway Cannon’s Performance Parameters?

  • Effective, 115 ft. jet range
  • 1” nozzles have a 432 GPM max flow rate
  • 1 ¼” nozzles have a 660 GPM max flow rate
  • Maximum pressure: 200 PSI
  • Trailer comes with 4 different size plates to fit a variety of different manway sizes

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4. The 3 Phase Centrifuge

When time is money, why waste it?

Let our 3 Phase Centrifuge accelerate your work.

Utilizing centrifugal force, our 3 Phase Centrifuge cunningly splits components at competitive throughput rates.

The 3 Phase Centrifuge

What General Specifications are included in the 3 Phase Centrifuge? 

  • 21” Tri-canter Centrifuge
  • 84’’ Bowl Length 
  • 2,300 G of Centrifugal Force
  • Max Bowl Speed (RPM) of 2,800
  • Electronic main drive with a hydraulic back drive

Can You Use A Centrifuge To Clean Produced Water?

What Comes on the 3-Phase Skid?

  • Borger Lobe Feed Pump
  • Progressive Cavity Oil Centrate Pump
  • Centrifugal Water Centrate Pump
  • 12” Auger for Solids Transport
  • 500 Gallon Bifurcated Holding Tank
  • Inline Static Mixer and Built in Polymer Injection System
  • Multiple Injection and Sampling Ports
From its 500 Gallon Bifurcated Holding Tank, to its 125 HP main drive and 75 HP back drive motors, this powerhouse is a game-changer. 

5. The Trailer-Mounted Diesel Pressure Washer

The team here at Rotating Solutions understands that heavy duty jobs require heavy duty equipment.

Large tank cleanings to small cleanup jobs inspired the Trailer-Mounted Diesel Pressure Washer


What Features are included in the Trailer-Mounted Diesel Pressure Washer?

  • 5000 psi hot/cold diesel powered pressure washer
  • Dual System Emergency Shutdown
  • 300 Gallon Tank
  • Dual, In-line 10 Micron Water Filter
  • 100 ft. ⅜” 6000 PSI Pressure Washer Hose with Quick Connect
  • 16 ft. Trailer
  • Available as both a single or double unit trailer

How can RSI Rental Solutions enhance your company?

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About Rotating Solutions

Rotating Solutions Rayne LARotating Solutions was founded in 2007, and since day one, our vision was to provide a one-stop destination for industrial, refinery, wastewater management, and oilfield solutions, services and rental offerings. Presently, we are a leading provider of equipment and support to industrial refining zones, major operators, independent operators, service companies, rental tool companies, contractors, drilling companies, workover companies, engineering companies, completion companies, and many more.

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