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Field Services Offered by Rotating Solutions

Field Services Offered by Rotating Solutions | Rotating Solutions Rayne LA

Exceeding your average centrifuge repair facility, Rotating Solutions yields a host of field services within our complete Life Cycle Management Program!

Keep reading to learn more about RotSols Field Service Solutions!  

Preventive Maintenance Field Service Solutions

Why is Preventative Maintenance important? 

Simply, routine preventative maintenance increases the life of your unit.

Here at Rotating Solutions, we offer routine scheduled servicing of every make and model of centrifugesWith this preventative maintenance service we provide a report card on your centrifuge’s overall health which helps forecast and increase the life of your unit.

Frequency of our preventative routine services can occur:

  • Annually
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly

This Preventative Maintenance enables our team of experienced technicians to identify important areas of concern regarding your unit's performance and lifespan.

Why repent, when you can prevent?

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On-Site & Classroom Training Solutions

Why are both On-Site and Classroom Training important?

These levels of training increase operational efficiency. How so?

Keeping your operators up-to-date in training keeps your company in-the-know of recent operational developments in the field. Rotating Solutions' training secures your team in the swiftest, safest modes of operation. 

Rotating Solutions offers:

  • Operational and Preventative Maintenance Training for small groups
  • Operational and Preventative Maintenance Training for large groups
  • Hands-on training in the field 

Rotating Solutions Fixed Facility Turnkey Services

Field Repair & Maintenance Solutions

Have a problem in the field?

Not a problem! - Rotating Solutions can help! 

Rotating Solutions' Repair and Maintenance Solutions offer Diagnostics and Repairs in the field of a variety of equipment including (however are not limited to):

  • All Makes and Models of Centrifuges
  • Gear Boxes
  • Pumps
  • Pressure Washers
  • Manway Cannons
  • Rig Vacuum Systems
  • Cuttings Dryers
  • Filter Press
  • Belt Press

We also offer other services useful in the field including:

  • Drafting/Engineering/Design
  • Spare Parts

Our services target a wide-range of industries including refinery, wastewater management, and oilfield.

Rotating Solutions Strengthens Your Company

Strong leadership is tested by the ability to recognize a problem before it escalates into an emergency.

Rotating Solutions aims to strengthen every level of your company, beginning with you, it's leader. 

Choose Rotating Solutions' Field Service Solutions today:

  • Preventive Maintenance Field Service Solutions
  • On-Site and Classroom Training Solutions
  • Field Repair and Maintenance Solutions

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About Rotating Solutions

Rotating Solutions Rayne LARotating Solutions was founded in 2007, and since day one, our vision was to provide a one-stop destination for industrial, refinery, wastewater management, and oilfield solutions, services and rental offerings. Presently, we are a leading provider of equipment and support to industrial refining zones, major operators, independent operators, service companies, rental tool companies, contractors, drilling companies, workover companies, engineering companies, completion companies, and many more.

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