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The One Thing That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level


It doesn’t take long to hear business owners complain about their daily strife once they are in the same room for any given amount of time.

It is quite the humorous conundrum.

It appears as though most employees are plagued with leaving their current jobs in order to start their own business, only to find themselves three years down the road, neck deep in their fresh entrepreneurial journey wondering what it would be like to just be a simple employee.

You know, the days when things weren’t as complicated.

Unsuccessful or struggling business owners reading this, are all probably like, “Yea! Tell me about it!”

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Yet, the currently proud and thriving business owners discovered something while trudging through the same “start-up sludge” as every other entrepreneur:

They figured out that the business wasn’t about them. It had everything to do with solving a complex problem that their customers couldn’t or didn’t want to solve.

The most successful or longstanding businesses realize that if they make the business just about profits and their own happiness, they will soon find themselves in liquidation hell.

That’s just not the way it works.


Yet, that is all we see when scrolling through Instagram and Facebook.

And, yet again, reality shows up to cross-check us back into the real world.

Think about it, what business do YOU pay money to that doesn’t solve a problem that you are not willing to do yourself?

We pay for Netflix and Hulu because, well let’s face it, if most of America were left alone with just their imagination… who knows what would happen?

We pay for a vehicle because we don’t feel like walking… or riding a bike…. Or keeping a horse alive long enough to keep a steady job! (Most of you struggle with your own kids…. Am I right?)

But, seriously, who out there is so fed up with paying their mortgage and buying new clothes that they are willing to throw in the towel and just build their own house and sew their own clothes?

That’s what I thought.

You see, those companies are still around because they continue to solve problems that most people aren’t willing to or don’t know how to solve.

If you are currently a business owner or thinking of becoming one, stop and think for a moment about what problem you are solving. Not how awesome your product is or how cool it looks.


No one cares about that but you. What your customers care about is how much easier your service or product makes their lives or how much pain (physical or emotional) you can take away from them.

That is what people pay for because they are stuck or unwilling to tackle those problems themselves.

So, in summary, stop screaming at the world about how great your business is, and instead, start asking about and looking for problems that today’s population is not willing to tolerate any more, yet are too ignorant or lazy to fix themselves.

If you need help solving your current Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream problems let us help!  

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