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Seeking Repair and Maintenance Solutions?

RSI Seeking Repair and Maintenance Solutions?

Seeking reliable Repair and Maintenance Solutions? Rest assured; Rotating Solutions is here to help.  

Keep reading to discover the repair and maintenance innovation you seek. 

Rotating Solutions’ Repair and Maintenance Division provides a team of technicians; prepared to repair any equipment on the market, be it yours or the industry’s. 

From our fully-digitized Centrifuge Life Cycle Management program, to building, drafting and design, your repair and maintenance needs are securely met by the RSI team!

Repair and Maintenance Brochure | Rotating Solutions

Centrifuge Life Cycle Management Offered by RSI

Superior to a run-of-the-mill centrifuge repair facility, RSI provides a complete Life Cycle Management Program (CLCM). Advancing your company, CLCM completely digitizes the entire process of the repair cycle.  

What are the advantages of a digitized CLCM program? 

  • Allows for a systematic and trackable process to be used during centrifuge repairs
  • Provides customized inspection and repair process that is specific to each make and model of unit
  • Adds a system of checks and balances for easy auditing
  • Gives the customer a line of site into the entire repair process
  • Ability to follow and track the repair through the process
  • Full report of the specific asset for the life of the unit; monitoring wearable areas overtime
  • Increased level of QA checks at preset stages in the repair process

What key components compose CLCM?

  • Real-time tracking throughout the process
  • Real-time photograph approval process
  • Shared digital reporting
  • Integrated QA/QC processes
  • Preventative field maintenance programs
  • Work control/planning and scheduling process
  • Training programs
  • Start/Stop Commissioning programs
  • Dashboards for performance baselines and targets 

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Does RSI Offer Repair and Maintenance Services in Addition to CLCM?

Yes! RSI’s Repair and Maintenance Services are vast and comprehensive. 

Specifically, our master centrifuge mechanics and technicians custom build, refurbish or reconstitute industrial machinery and its components. 

These services include (but are by no means limited to):

Does RSI’s Repair and Maintenance Division Offer Drafting, Engineering, Design, Spare Parts and Field Service?


And because our Repair and Maintenance Division is backed by RSI’s commitment to industrial innovation, these are services to trust. 

Seeking reliable Repair and Maintenance Solutions? 

Welcome! We're happy you've found us. 

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