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Say Hello To The RS-2100 3 Phase Decanter!

Say Hello To The RS-2100 3 Phase Decanter | RSI Rental Solutions

RSI Rental Solutions has 21” 3-Phase Centrifuge packages available for rent, as well as for sale.

These packages are heavily used in the petrochemical market during tank cleaning and waste water applications, as well as in oil recovery projects.

Decanter centrifuges have become an essential components of water waste facilities and the chemical, oil and gas drillingmanufacturing and food processing industries, as well as the hemp manufacturing industry


The Specs:

  • 100% fully self-contained
  • Easy plug and play setup
  • 21” X 84” bowl
  • Fully automated effluent pump system with 500 gallon tank
  • VFD control on bowl, scroll and feed pump
  • Hydraulic Back drive 
  • 12” swivel solids auger
  • Touch screen technology
  • Inline static mixer, injection ports, and polymer/pH injection pumps
  • High throughput capabilities

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The Significance:

  • Only needs a very small foot print to set up
  • Fast set up time, max 2 hours
  • Additional drying reduces weight for disposal
  • Less moisture in solids equals less dollars spent at disposal facility
  • Reduces down time for pond setting and setting oil/water interface
  • Swivel auger allows you to fill multiple parts of a solids container without moving the container itself
  • Reduces the total project duration which reduces cost
  • Compatible with tank sweepers - Works great in conjunction with our unique Tank sweeper packages.

Rent A Decanter Centrifuge Today

RSI Rental Solutions, a division of Rotating Solutions Inc., focuses primarily on industrial service rentals for the petrochemical markets, offering superior service while meeting all of your rental needs.

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About Rotating Solutions

Rotating Solutions Rayne LARotating Solutions was founded in 2007, and since day one, our vision was to provide a one-stop destination for industrial, refinery, wastewater management, and oilfield solutions, services and rental offerings. Presently, we are a leading provider of equipment and support to industrial refining zones, major operators, independent operators, service companies, rental tool companies, contractors, drilling companies, workover companies, engineering companies, completion companies, and many more.

RSI Rental Solutions, a division of Rotating Solutions Inc., focuses primarily on industrial service rentals for the petrochemical markets, offering superior service while meeting all of your rental needs.

With a focus on 2 & 3 phase centrifuge packagesmanway cannonstank sweeps, vacuum systems, decontaminator units and diesel pressure washers, we are dedicated to being your one-stop shop, and will work with you and your team to find the solutions that meet your business’s needs, including providing custom equipment and mobile repair and maintenance solutions.

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