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Say Hello To The Rotating Solutions Decontamination Chemical

Hydrogen Peroxide | Rotating Solutions

Recent news of stores running out of hand-sanitizing gels and chlorine wipes may have you worried about how to protect your work-area from COVID-19 spreads.

At Rotating Solutions, we are offering effective solutions to help you disinfect every surface in your work area.


The Rotating Solutions Decontamination Chemical can be used for cleaning hard, non-porous surfaces. 

This compound solution is an effective surface disinfectant as it breaks down the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ease of use and care

Use in conjunction with the RSI Gas Powered Decontaminator.

The decontamination chemical is great for getting into hard-to-reach crevices. Users can pour it on the area, and do not have to wipe it off because it essentially decomposes into oxygen and water.

Gas Powered Decontaminator | Rotating Solutions


The Rotating Solutions Decontamination Chemical is a 3% chemical solution from a Hydrogen Peroxide concentrate.


Effective Disinfectant Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Decontamination Chemical's active compound, Hydrogen peroxide, is an effective disinfectant against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to the CDC, household (3 percent) hydrogen peroxide is effective in deactivating rhinovirus, the virus that causes the common cold, within 6 to 8 minutes of exposure.

Rhinovirus is more difficult to destroy than coronaviruses, so hydrogen peroxide should be able to break down the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in less time.

Not corrosive chemical

The Decontamination Chemical's active compound, Hydrogen peroxide, is not corrosive.

Therefore, it’s okay to use it on metal surfaces. But similar to bleach, it can discolor fabrics if you accidentally get it on your clothes.

CDC Recommended Chemical

The Decontamination Chemical's active compound, Hydrogen peroxide, is a CDC recommended chemical.

Below is a list of disinfectants recommended by the CDC and approved by the EPA.


Purchase Options

The Rotating Solutions Decontamination Chemical is currently available in 55 gallon drums (plastic).

Want To Learn More?

Could this chemical solution would be beneficial to your team?

Contact us so we can discuss getting this effective solution into your teams hands as quickly as possible!

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