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Rotating Solutions and Thompson Industrial Plan For Future Growth

Rotating Solutions Thompson Industrial Services Thermaldyne

Rotating Solutions and Thompson Industrial Services recently met in Baton Rouge at  the new Thermaldyne Waste Facility to discuss how they could both offer valuable services to this new state of the art facility. Pictured above is team members from Thermaldyne, Rotating Solutions, as well as Thompson Industrial. 

Who Is Thompson Industrial Services?

Thompson Industrial Services is essentially your single-source provider for all industrial cleaning and specialty service needs.

They specialize in safe, quality Lifecycle Industrial Cleaning Service Solutions from critical path pre-commissioning & dependable on-site operations support, to productive outages, turnarounds, and decommissioning.

Their services include:

Few can match Thompson Industrial's commitment to safety and providing a top-quality service experience from start to finish. They offer the broadest line of industrial cleaning services, with specialized equipment, technology and personnel to solve all of your unique challenges.

Can You Use A Centrifuge To Clean Produced Water?

How Will Rotating Solutions Add Value?

Rotating Solutions brings their own expertise to the relationship as well, known as the one-stop shop in the industrial, refinery, wastewater management, and oilfield solutions and services arena.

Rotating Solutions prides themselves on providing their customers with top-notch specialty service and excellent value on quality centrifuges, vapor recovery, vacuums, pressure washers, pumps and blowers, flocculation systems, and package systems to overcome virtually any petrochemical, refinery, oilfield, and municipal wastewater management challenge. 

Fixed Facility Services

Rotating Solutions, designs, engineers, and builds waste-processing fixed facilities inside refineries. We partner with services companies to provide residual management solutions through a site-based service agreement with guaranteed performance. 

Downstream refining operations produce significant quantities of oil-bearing residuals. 

Rotating Solutions provides optimal solutions for the management of these materials by focusing on the inherent value of oil recovery and waste mitigation. 

Our processing solutions are tailored to address the specific challenges of your plant’s residual stream profile.

At the same time, we focus on optimizing recovery and return of oil to the right place in the refinery and minimizing the impact of primary separation wastewater volume on the downstream biological treatment plant, which many times eliminates the need to dispose of solids.

Rotating Solutions Fixed Facility Turnkey Services

Their Synergy

Together, their offerings are tailored to address the specific challenges of your plant’s residual stream profile.

Both companies, Thompson Industrial Services and Rotating Solutions, are dedicated to innovation in the oil and gas space!

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If you are in the environmental management or fixed facility space and are looking for a single turn key solution to your operation, contact us to learn more about our services.

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About Rotating Solutions

Rotating Solutions Rayne LARotating Solutions was founded in 2007, and since day one, our vision was to provide a one-stop destination for industrial, refinery, wastewater management, and oilfield solutions, services and rental offerings. Presently, we are a leading provider of equipment and support to industrial refining zones, major operators, independent operators, service companies, rental tool companies, contractors, drilling companies, workover companies, engineering companies, completion companies, and many more.


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