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Have you been looking for used centrifuges? We've got you covered!

Used Centrifuge Flyer-1

Need help with separating solids from two different liquids?

Have you been looking for a centrifuge? We have many different makes and models of used equipment that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Trust us when we say, there is something here for everyone!

Where do I get used centrifuges?

If you're looking to purchase a used centrifuge, we've got the perfect one for your needs.

The used centrifuge market is both vast and varied, with everything from 2-phase to 3-phase equipment available. 

We offer an array of high-quality centrifuge brands like Alfa Laval and Tecumseh at competitive prices that are sure to make any production manager happy.

Our inventory includes two-phase machines with warranties comparable to or better than OEMs.

Don't forget the warranty terms are the same on remanufactured as they would be with an original manufacturer's machine - so why not take advantage today? (*Warranty terms vary per equipment package)

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Available units

  • G-Tech 1656 (Serial No. 336-929)
  • Tecumseh (Model No. TEC-2075-FVS-3G)
  • Alfa Laval Lynx 300 with Panel ( 5124904)
  • Tecumseh (Model No. TEC-2075-FVS-3G)
  • Alfa Laval Lynx 20 – 400/700 (5124720)
  • Alfa Laval Lynx 20 – 400/700 (5124719)
  • Alfa Laval Lynx 300 (5124902)
  • Tecumseh 16in and 20in
  • and more!

Available Specs

  • Fully VFD
  • VFD Main drive/ Hydraulic back drive
  • Fix speed system
  • Stand Mounted
  • Skid Mounted Slimline Design

Used Centrifuge Flyer 1

Used Centrifuge Flyer

Used Centrifuge Flyer 4

Used Centrifuge Flyer 5

Used Centrifuge Flyer 3

Benefits of using second-hand centrifuges

Centrifuges are necessary for many different industries for a variety of purposes, including the extraction and concentration of liquid.

You may not need to spend thousands on a brand-new centrifuge machine.

By rehabilitating used centrifuge machines we can help provide an economical option that is still as powerful and reliable as its brand new counterpart. Brand new counterparts are very expensive but this method of recycling provides a reasonable alternative

Why use 2-phase centrifuges?

These 2 phase centrifuges are heavily used in the petrochemical market during tank cleaning and wastewater applications, as well as in oil recovery projects.

Centrifuges have become an essential component of water waste facilities and the chemical, oil and gas drilling, manufacturing, and food processing industries, as well as the hemp manufacturing industry.

Contact us today!

Our company’s continued success and rapid development are due to our ability to provide our clients with top notch specialty service and excellent value on quality centrifuges.

Contact us today if you're interested in getting your hands on some top-quality secondhand goods!

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