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Everything You Need To Know About Tricanter Centrifuges

Tricanter Centrifuges | Rotating Solutions

In order to fully understand how a tricanter centrifuge operates, we must first define what a centrifuge does. In many industrial applications, solid material often mixes with liquids, contaminating water supplies, creating sludge that is expensive for disposal, or contaminating valuable products. 

Let's dive into the details of what tricanter centrifuges are, the industries they benefit, advantages, disadvantages and more

What is a Tricanter Centrifuge?

In the typical separation process, solids are separated from liquids. This scenario can often be accomplished by using a decanter centrifuge. However, in some situations there are 2 liquids of different densities that need to be separated in addition to the solids.

Enter the right solution: Tricanter centrifuges (also known as 3-phase centrifuges).

Tricanter centrifuges allow for continuous separation of three phases (solid-liquid-liquid) in one process. Having a continuous separation of three phases in a single process is extremely beneficial in many applications where there is value in recovering a particular product or products from a multi-phased mixture.

What Industries Do They Benefit?

Tricanter centrifuges are useful separating solids and two liquids of different densities, and are valuable components of the tank cleaning, oil processing, metal recycling, and hemp industries just to name a few. Tricanters allow these industries to separate out components of a mixture of solid and 2 liquids of different densities such as oil and water.

Moreover, with a centrifuge, companies operating in these industries are more efficient and can provide a beneficial return of valuable materials through 3-phase separation.

For example, in the tank cleaning industry, industrial service companies using tricanters are able to create dryer solids for disposal, water that can be processed on site in the refinery, and return valuable oil back to the refinery

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Advantages and Limitations

The use of tricanter centrifuges for a three-phase separation may have several pros and cons.


1. Reduced Processing Time

Tricanter centrifuges allow for faster and more efficient separation than other technologies such as settling tanks and skimmers.

2. Fast commissioning and start-up

Not only is the device easy to install and fast at starting up and shutting down, but also requires a small area for operation compared to other competitive processes.

3. Size Versatility

Tricanter centrifuges (3 Phase Centrifuge) are versatile, different diameters of the cylindrical bowl section and the cone angle can be selected for different applications.

Also, centrifuge technology allows for adjustments in processing and bowl speed to improve separation and provide a cleaner product on the back end of the process. Other competitive technologies don’t allow for this fine tuning.

4. Higher Throughput Capacity

Depending on the size of the machine centrifuges can offer a higher throughput than other technologies.


1. Noise and Vibration

The machine can be very noisy

2. High-Energy Consumption

The device has a high-energy consumption due to large motors and pumps needed to run the unit.

3. High equipment capital costs

The tricanter centrifuge has high equipment capital costs. But with this cost comes increased efficiency allowing this cost to be recovered over time.

Can You Use A Centrifuge To Clean Produced Water?

Why Use Centrifuges to Clean Produced Water?

As the oil and gas industry moves toward produced water recycling for fracking, it is recognized that produced water must undergo several treatments in order to be reused safely.

Oil removal is one of the treatments produced water must undergo; the oil from produced water has a value if treated and processed to meet the required BS&W (Basic Sediment & Water) for resale.

Including a 3-phase centrifuge in the produced water cleaning process, enables for oil to be recovered faster than the typical separation methods


Where do I get Tricanter Centrifuges?

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