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Automated Centrifuge Technology 2.0

 Automated Centrifuge Technology

In the manufacturing world, there is no escaping automation if your business relies on utilizing separators to fulfill customer needs.

And if you want to keep up with the industry's pace, keep reading to discover how to ensure you are operating with the latest technology.

So, what does automation have to do with the manufacturing process and centrifuges? Well, put simply... a lot.

Automation is responsible for the performance and smooth operation of:

But when discussing automated centrifuge technology, specifically, the operator must remember that each instrument is calibrated to do something different than it's adjacent machine. So as much as we would like to be able to replicate the programmed automation from one machine to the next... you can't.

So, in order to avoid some common and pricing problems that could result from poor automation, such as overfeeding a machine due to too a high flow rate, try implementing these three steps in order to make your centrifuge automation as efficient as possible.

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1. Automate All Manual Processes That Can Be Automated

Some companies are still operating manual processes that could be automated for several unworthy reasons. One is that they have simply always done it that way. This presents a problem when you hire a new employee or one quits in the middle of an important job. Your operations will suffer greatly if all or not some of that process can be automated and replicated.

2. Update Old Automation Technology

In the manufacturing world, some older companies are still running what would be the equivalent of an Atari in today's world of a PlayStation 4. It isn't because they are choosing poor automation technology. It is usually because they simply don't know. Look into hiring an automation specialist who can support your organization in staying ahead of the curve.

3. Tweak Your Latest Automation Upgrade

So, for the companies out there on the bleeding edge of innovation, who have already hired a specialist and fine tuned their operations, now what? Well, how long ago did you change your automation software? Could you use an outside perspective to see what new areas could be automated or what technology could be upgraded?

Think of how far we have come with our simple flip phones to now operating lightning fast software in our pockets. As an owner or operator in the centrifuge space, you should always be asking how you can improve your current processes and efficiencies.

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