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About Us

Rotating Solutions was founded in 2007, and since day one, our vision was to provide a one-stop destination for industrial, refinery, wastewater management, and oilfield solutions and services.  Presently, we are a leading provider of equipment and support to industrial refining zones, major operators, independent operators, service companies, rental tool companies, contractors, drilling companies, workover companies, completion companies, and many more.


In 2017, our current executive team, in combination with 2SV Capital and Tuckerman Capital, acquired the majority interest in Rotating Solutions. This recapitalization of the company provided us the resources needed to continue being an industry leader in environmental equipment.


We bring much value to the clients we serve by providing consistently superior products and services with a no-nonsense pricing structure coupled with timely delivery, and we’ll continue to do so for many years to come.

RSI Product Catelog

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Our Mission

Here at Rotating Solutions, it is our mission to provide superior services and quality products to our clients.  In addition to that, we are committed to improving the social, economic, and environmental well being of our community.  We will always strive to do so by fostering a long-lasting partnership between us and the men, women, and children who live, work, and go to school near us.  We pledge to manufacture industrial innovation that is always and everywhere globally conscious.  In short, our mission is nothing less than progress.

We Have the Skills

We provide our clients with top-notch specialty service and excellent value on quality centrifuges, vapor recovery, vacuums, pressure washers, pumps and blowers, flocculation systems, and package systems to overcome virtually any petrochemical, refinery, oilfield, and municipal wastewater management challenge. As a result, we offer all services necessary to be a one-stop industrial solutions shop, completing any repair, maintenance, or fabrication on time and within budget.

Repair & Maintenance
Full Fabrication